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Note: Paper and coin currency used in photos for size scale comparison.

Superman Doll Ideal Superman 13" high.  1940's Jointed Wood w/ decal belt. Replaced cape.

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Ideal Doll 50's Ideal Sleepy Eyed Jointed Doll.  Approx. 21  tall" . . . jointed at head, shoulders, and hips. EX condition throughout.  

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Armand Marseille Doll

Vintage Armand Marseille Doll. Composition doll with bisque head. Approximately 24" tall. Back of head reads "Armand Marseille Germany 390 A 6-1/2 M". Jointed at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. Sleepy eyes and teeth showing. Replaced wig and skull cap, also restrung, otherwise all original and includes dress and panties.  Condition: This doll has only had a light cleaning. VG overall.

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Hummel Rubber Bertl Doll

Hummel Rubber Bertl Doll.  Rubber doll with cloth clothes. Complete, all original including tag and sticker on shoe bottom that reads "Made in Germany".  10-1/2" tall.  Condition: VG-Ex, head slightly indented from years of lying on her back, also hairline crack at cheek and 2 others, one on each knee (see pic of cheek).  A really nice example!

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German Doll

Armand Marseille (not positive, but you doll collectors will know) German Bisque Doll #370, bisque head, shoulders, hands and forearms.  Kid body , jointed at knees, hips and arms.  Blue sleepy eyes, open mouth with 4 teeth, painted eyebrows and eyelashes (top and bottom),  dimpled chin. Marked on back:  370 M4/OX DEP.  Dressed in lace bordered pantaloons under a lace bordered half slip, knitted stockings-all under a dark blue dress (probably silk, not sure) that has nice hand embroidered red stitching on white collar, sleeves and waist. Original ribbons in hair.   Face:  working eyes, Mohair hair-all undamaged and in VG-Ex shape.  Her hands don't match, so I believe one may have been replaced at some point, but both are clean and undamaged.  Blue from dress has bled through upper part of collar.  Overall, a nice doll with very little to disappoint even a serious collector.

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Musical Baby Doll

Wind-up Musical Baby Doll, Japan, 9" high, works, dressed in flannel nightgown and bib.  Hand-painted plaster head and hands.  Open mouth. Her body is a metal cylinder w/bell inside that rings, right hand moves side to side, and left moves up and down.  Left hand has been repaired and repainted, everything else is VG+. A very presentable and appealing doll.

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Rose O'Neill Brownie Doll

Vintage Rose O'Neill Brownie Doll. Composition head, cloth body. Has moveable eyes behind plastic lenses ... work good, but stick once in awhile. 18" tall. This doll has tons of character!  Condition: Overall Good. Composition head has some surface lifting and crazing. A small repair/re-paint was made on the right side of nose area and a few spots on the hairline.

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Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Cloth Dolls. Each approx. 15" tall. Maker unknown, no tags or markings that I could find. Stitched face detailing (eyes, lips, mouth, nose and eyebrows). Eyelashes on Ann are not stitched, appear to be stamped or drawn. Andy's right arm is there and undamaged but it looks to be missing in the one pic.  Great primitive look! 

Condition: Ann is VG-Ex. Her eyelashes have some wear.  Andy on the other hand lives up to his name .... "Raggedy" ! :)  He has several flaws which include missing hair in the rear, loose hair on right side/front, worn stitching on one eye and nose, both feet have been torn open and the stuffing in feet is missing. He needs some TLC!!!

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$75.00 Pair

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